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I am currently working on a volunteer program for the horses, so please check back. :)

Celeste, Sheldon Reserve NWR Mustang, and Myself.

Who is Chaeyahne?

 My name is Holly, but I am also known as Chaeyahne, from Studio on the Pond, and Enchanted Quills. I am also the founder of Heart of the Wild Sanctuary. I am an illustrator, creator, designer. I use many mediums in my work, which is generally inspired by nature, and or the horses I care for. I have been an artisan for going on 36 years now, professionally, and my art is my sole source of income. This income is how I support the sanctuary, along with donations from family, and our beloved Patron's.

I have been involved in rescue & rehabilitation since the mid 1980's, first with the DNR with baby whitetail deer rehabilitation & release, and then as a working on farm shepherd, with lots of dog rescue and rehoming in between. It was not until I adopted an abused & neglected white arabian mare in 2015, which I named Arwen, that horses came back into my life after 26 years. I purchased a Sheldon Reserve mustang mare named Celeste as a companion for Arwen, which then opened the door to the American Mustang & mustang people, to come into my life. The Sanctuary literally began that same year with the adoption of a senior American Mustang mare named Reveille Starr, that the plight & need for a senior mustang & horse sanctuary became apparent to me.  


Our Mission

 Heart of the Wild Sanctuary's focus efforts are for the less adoptable equines. The aged, permanently debilitated, or otherwise. A soft landing place for the broken. We personally have a soft place in my heart our hearts  for America's wild horses, the American Mustang, and currently provide haven for 7 of these amazingly resilient creatures. We currently provide sanctuary for 19 equines total, from former abuse/neglect situations, old age rescues, and sanctuary animals. We are home to the ones who cannot be adopted or rehomed after rehabilitation.

Heart of the Wild Sanctuary is a resting place for the ones who need it most, the old ones, horses & dogs, and the ones no longer able to stand the noise of life, they come here to be quiet, respected, and find peace from the abuse that they have felt.  

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